No. 34 Sole Mates No. 50 If today was your last…? No. 26 See into my eyes No. 25 Party for peace No. 55 The Third War won't be about nations, but about your water. No. 1 WWWWW: World Wide Web War of the Worlds No. 11 Hopsidopsi – the ambulance game No. 46 TOUCH YOUR ENEMY No. 51 Guns Are Not on the Menu No. 12 Trading With Enemies No. 42 Shopping for Peace No. 28 Hero - Help. Share. Recognize. No. 44 Kickstarter teams up with NGO to make the world a BETTER Place No. 57 Peace is profitable No. 4 Peace Parking No. 19 The Peace Cursor Movement No. 38 Tree of life - If you could experience the unified feelings of mankind, would... No. 20 HUG or DIE No. 33 Digital Armageddon No. 2 Fuck war – literally. No. 18 NYC - A warzone for 24 hours No. 14 Directing for Peace No. 47 Pay for Peace No. 7 ONE HOUR SILENCE FOR PEACE No. 9 The Blacklist No. 40 Donate your dreams No. 16 EAR/PEACE: Listen up! No. 30 Reclaim the Peace Sign! No. 58 Karma 4 Peace No. 39 My transparent info graphic tax money map app No. 10 Unlock Censorship No. 3 Love (Or Sleep With) Thy Enemy No. 56 KARMA 4 PEACE No. 15 City Wars No. 17 5000km has never felt so close No. 8 Fire over Jerusalem No. 53 Feet for millions No. 52 Are YOU funding the war? No. 23 Space Soccer Unites the World No. 48 The Peace Blueprint - are you shopping for war? No. 41 Peace is Multiplayer No. 37 Consumers can now assess their “Peace Footprint” No. 36 Social media shutdown No. 43 Peas(e) war No. 45 The Swedish model -Sweden is selling weapons to shady countries No. 31 Youtube Takeover No. 21 Expose conflict - instantly and globally No. 29 Donate a bit No. 6 Killing for peace No. 22 gamebond No. 5 Fighting bullies with love No. 59 Feet for millions No. 54 Occupy Earth No. 35 NO SCORE, NO WAR No. 24 TED x Miss World: The World’s Brightest Brains and Beauties Unite for P... No. 49 World Chat Day