No. 15 City Wars No. 39 My transparent info graphic tax money map app No. 8 Fire over Jerusalem No. 35 NO SCORE, NO WAR No. 47 Pay for Peace No. 7 ONE HOUR SILENCE FOR PEACE No. 58 Karma 4 Peace No. 10 Unlock Censorship No. 33 Digital Armageddon No. 49 World Chat Day No. 16 EAR/PEACE: Listen up! No. 53 Feet for millions No. 44 Kickstarter teams up with NGO to make the world a BETTER Place No. 36 Social media shutdown No. 50 If today was your last…? No. 18 NYC - A warzone for 24 hours No. 19 The Peace Cursor Movement No. 43 Peas(e) war No. 48 The Peace Blueprint - are you shopping for war? No. 28 Hero - Help. Share. Recognize. No. 26 See into my eyes No. 6 Killing for peace No. 57 Peace is profitable No. 17 5000km has never felt so close No. 9 The Blacklist No. 45 The Swedish model -Sweden is selling weapons to shady countries No. 37 Consumers can now assess their “Peace Footprint” No. 38 Tree of life - If you could experience the unified feelings of mankind, would... No. 56 KARMA 4 PEACE No. 46 TOUCH YOUR ENEMY No. 14 Directing for Peace No. 40 Donate your dreams No. 30 Reclaim the Peace Sign! No. 1 WWWWW: World Wide Web War of the Worlds No. 21 Expose conflict - instantly and globally No. 12 Trading With Enemies No. 54 Occupy Earth No. 4 Peace Parking No. 20 HUG or DIE No. 55 The Third War won't be about nations, but about your water. No. 29 Donate a bit No. 51 Guns Are Not on the Menu No. 59 Feet for millions No. 31 Youtube Takeover No. 42 Shopping for Peace No. 24 TED x Miss World: The World’s Brightest Brains and Beauties Unite for P... No. 11 Hopsidopsi – the ambulance game No. 3 Love (Or Sleep With) Thy Enemy No. 5 Fighting bullies with love No. 41 Peace is Multiplayer No. 52 Are YOU funding the war? No. 2 Fuck war – literally. No. 23 Space Soccer Unites the World No. 25 Party for peace No. 22 gamebond No. 34 Sole Mates